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Playback quality seems to be very low. Why?

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2013 09:45AM EDT
  • Typically, low quality playback only occurs during the first moments of the stream; low quality playback is the result of slow Internet connection speed.  On most playback systems, the quality will jump to a very clear picture after 30-60 seconds once our system determines what quality it can deliver you without the need for long buffering.
  • In order to comply with Mobile Data requirements of 3G access, we must first encode the movies at a super small 64kbps version which is of horrible quality. When you start watching a movie, the system will detect the speed of your connection, select the highest quality of playback that it can support and play the entire movie at that rate.

  • On some systems, specifically Android Apps, to ensure the highest quality streaming available, you should have the "ENABLE HD STREAMS" option checked. To do this, select "SETTINGS" from the main menu, and then check the box labeled "ENABLE HD STREAMS". Checking this will ensure your device is always using the highest quality playback possible, but may cause erratic playback on slower devices.
What Internet connection speeds do you recommend for the best viewing playback?
As a general rule we recommend at least a 2Mbps WiIf connection to get a quality viewing experience.  5Mbps and above should give you a very good, cable-TV like experience.  The faster the connection the better and you can test your connection at

While most mobile devices function at fast speeds with 3G network connectivity, using a full-strength wireless or wi-fi connection or 4G connection will allow the fastest loading speeds for movie playback.  Mobile data is much more sensitive to other variables and thus, it's hard for us to give exact specs to go by.  You'll have to test it on your network to see if it will work well for you.  Take advantage of the 30 day free trial before signing up if this is your intended way to use it to make sure it will give you the quality you need.

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